What Do I Do…?

If You Have Tested Positive for Covid-19

Have you received a positive Covid-19 test? It’s time to make some decisions to start your isolation:

  1. Report a positive test result to reports.taylor.edu/covid.
  2. Employees: stay home for at least 5 days. View the CDC guidelines for ending isolation.
  3. Students: if you can, make plans to go home to isolate and email the Covid Hotline at covidhotline@taylor.edu with those details.
  4. If you are unable to go home, email the Covid Hotline for possible on-campus isolation information and remain in your room until you hear back.

If You Have Been Exposed to Covid-19

Are you a close contact to someone who tested positive for Covid-19?

Given the complicated nature of determining what is needed in every unique situation, we are asking that you contact your primary care physician (or students may contact the Health Center) to determine how quarantine should look for you.

If You Have Covid-19 Symptoms

Going to class or work sick is never a good idea. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, please contact your medical provider or get a Covid-19 test.

  1. Temporarily isolate in your room/at home.
  2. Get a Covid-19 test. Over-the-counter or government-provided tests are acceptable.
  3. If positive, report the test at reports.taylor.edu/covid and isolate at home. If you can’t go home to isolate, email the hotline at covidhotline@taylor.edu to seek a possible isolation space on campus.
  4. If your test is negative, continue to monitor symptoms and seek medical advice as needed through your health care professional. Consider a retest if symptoms don’t resolve.