Isolation Information

You are receiving this information because you have been asked to isolate due to testing positive for COVID-19. 

What is Isolation?

Isolation is used to separate people infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from people who are not infected.

People who are in isolation should stay home until it’s safe for them to be around others. In the home, anyone sick or infected should separate themselves from others by staying in a specific “sick room” or area and using a separate bathroom (if available).” ( )

When can I leave isolation?

You will be allowed to leave isolation when the following conditions are met.

  • At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
  • At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and
  • Symptoms have improved

If you tested positive with no symptoms and you continue to have no symptoms, you can be with others after 10 days have passed since the date you had your positive test

What should I take with me? 

  • Sheets
  • Pillow
  • Towels/washcloths
  • Blanket
  • Flip-flops for shower
  • Toiletries/shower caddy
  • Computer/charger
  • Phone/charger
  • Power strip – outlets are limited
  • Headphones/AirPods
  • Medicines/vitamins
  • Slippers/thick socks
  • Entertainment items – book/gaming system/notecards/crafts/game
  • Small cup mug for small Keurig machine
  • Any snacks that you have on hand


  • Individual snack packages
  • Bottled water
  • Small Keurig machine with coffee/tea/hot chocolate
  • Haak – limited games since students are quarantined from each other
  • In Dome – large game selection including foosball, ping pong, pop a shot and puzzle since students can interact more

Can I leave my isolation location?

We ask that you do not plan to meet up or see other people, but you may exit the building you are staying in to get some fresh air or light exercise.  When you do this, you should wear a mask and avoid contact with others. 

Will other people know that I am in isolation?

Taylor University will not share your private health information.  Your faculty will be notified for excused absences.

How will I be involved in contact tracing?

If you have tested positive for COVID 19 or are a presumptive case you will be asked to fill out the Taylor University Contact Tracing Form.  The COVID hotline will follow-up with the individuals who you have been in close contact with.It is most helpful if you are willing to contact others who you know you have had close contact with and inform them of your positive test

The CDC defines close contact in the following way:

  • You were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more
  • You provided care at home to someone who is sick with COVID-19
  • You had direct physical contact with the person (hugged or kissed them)
  • You shared eating or drinking utensils
  • They sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on you

When you have a positive test, anyone who you have been in contact with in the 48 hours prior to the start of your symptoms or the time of your test will need to quarantine for 10 days from their last contact with you.

Will anyone be checking in on me?

We will try to have some form of contact with you each day.  This may be email or a phone call, but we do want to check in with you.  We also encourage you to reach out and connect with your friends and family or people that you find supportive. 

Will I be able to get mail while I am in isolation/quarantine?

If you receive a package notification from the bookstore, please contact your hall director and they will coordinate package delivery in the next few days.

What about my academics?

For the days you are asked to be in isolation, the COVID hotline will communicate that you have excused absences. In addition if you are having trouble with your academics, the Academic Enrichment Center ( will be helpful.

You are still responsible for the work you miss in class!  Please communicate directly with your faculty to determine what work you have missed and how you can make this up. 

What if I need to do laundry during my isolation?

Please plan to bring clean laundry that can get you through at least 7 days of isolation, but ideally 10.

How will I get food/meals?

While you are in isolation, meals are ordered and delivered through the Eatable App. If you cannot access the Eatable App, please contact the Hotline.

How can I address my mental health while I am in isolation?

The Counseling Center has many resources you can access during quarantine. We have links on the counseling center tile on the student portal (my.taylor). We provide individual and group teletherapy appointments. To reach the Counseling Center call 765-998-5222 or email

What should I be aware of in regards to my physical health while in quarantine? 

Isolation is specifically designed to help prevent you from spreading COVID-19 after you have tested positive for the virus.  Monitoring your health is critical during this time period.  You should plan to be in contact with your medical provider as you navigate COVID-19. You can call the TU Health Center to schedule a virtual appointment at 765.770.0650 ext. 4.

How can I address my spiritual needs while I am in quarantine?

We know that entering into quarantine or isolation can be challenging to many areas of your life.  There are some specific spiritual formation resources posted on the my.taylor COVID 19 student site. Additionally, Interim Director of Residence Life / Director of Discipleship Julia Hurlow or Campus Pastor Jon Cavanagh would love to connect with you.  You can email them to make this connection ( ; ).