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Taylor University officials continue to meet regularly to prepare for all scenarios. Please know we continue to monitor the situation. (Updated June 29, 2021))

Each class will be different. When a student needs to isolate or quarantine, he/she needs to communicate with the professor for details and guidelines. (Updated July 1, 2021)

Any concerns about course work should be directed to your professor. If you have a chronic illness that is impacting your ability to complete your work, contact the Academic Enrichment Center. (Updated July 1, 2021)

Students will need to connect with their academic advisor for details on their specific situation. (Updated July 1, 2021)

Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) services can be found on the Taylor website at:  (Updated July 1, 2021)

Yes, study abroad programs are offered. All students and employees will be required to have the COVID-19 vaccination. If students travel throughout the semester or between semesters internationally, they should report their travel to the COVID Hotline.

(Updated June 29, 2021)


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