Update: November 1, 2022

Dear Taylor family,

It is with humble gratitude we announce this is Taylor’s final Covid-19 update. 

Countless hours of research, information gathering, meeting, and debating were poured into maintaining the best possible educational experience for our students and caring well for everyone in our community throughout the past 2+ years. While global culture was often divided by controversy throughout the pandemic, Taylor sought to live out our Life Together Covenant through the “one-anothers”: building up one another, making allowances for one another, caring for one another, and respecting one another.

As this virus has shifted from a pandemic to an endemic status, Taylor University desires to continue living out these priorities well.

Beginning today, we will be addressing Covid-19 in the same manner as other viruses. Students and employees should be mindful to prevent the spreading of germs of all kinds. Covid-19 related absences of work or classes will follow the same procedures as for other illnesses. Isolation spaces on campus are no longer necessary as students should follow the same practices they do for other viral illnesses like Influenza or mono.

Thank you, Taylor family, for the many prayers and encouraging words you offered throughout the process of navigating an unchartered pandemic. We continue to trust in God who is Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

May He be glorified,
Taylor University’s Pandemic Response Team (PeRT)