Update: April 16, 2021

Taylor employees and all students (including out of state residents and internationals students) will have access to the first round of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines at the Upland Family Pharmacy on Friday, April 23rd, Saturday, April 24th, Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1st

All employees and students will receive either a text or an email from Zotec announcing a unique website to invite you to sign up for a vaccination time. You will not be signing up at the standard Indiana COVID-19 vaccine website. Again, Zotec will be texting you the sign up link if we have your cell phone number on file. If not, they will deliver via email.

Due to the one month waiting period, the second dose will need to be administered once the semester is over. We are told that registration for the second dose can be arranged through other locations, including State administered sites. You will need your vaccination card for the second dose. For those remaining near campus, the second dose can be administered at Upland Family Pharmacy as well.

Taylor strongly recommends the COVID-19 vaccine but understands this is an individual decision. We encourage your participation because current information indicates that vaccination would remove quarantining obligations. This exemption begins two weeks after the second dose. We will continue to monitor vaccination guidelines for any changes.

We are grateful to Upland Family Pharmacy for helping us arrange this service.