Update: January 15, 2021

After careful review of the current COVID-19 student testing program, universal testing will conclude today, January 15. We knew the first two weeks were crucial to mitigate the spread of the virus when we announced the universal testing plan for Interterm. We care deeply for all members of our community and are especially mindful how these efforts mitigate infection to those most at risk.

We apologize for the role communication may have had in leading to confusion or frustration. We believe this re-entry testing did help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on campus, with early identification of asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic, and symptomatic positive cases.

We are pleased that Lucid Laboratories has agreed to remain available for voluntary on-campus testing through at least January 22. This will also help us with current CDC protocols allowing those in quarantine due to close contact to be tested on or after day five (5) of quarantine and then be released from quarantine as early as day seven (7) if they have a negative test result and no symptoms. Providing on-campus and/or local testing options is a priority for being released from quarantine. These tests remain at no-cost to students per details announced last week. Student testing pre-registration information is available here.

Spring Semester Re-Entry

Students and Employees Returning for Spring Semester and not attending Interterm on-campus: PeRT strongly recommends obtaining a COVID-19 test prior to the return to campus, testing on or after January 25. Test results should be reported to my.taylor.edu/covidtest.

Interterm Travel

Interterm final exam day is Thursday, January 28 with a one-day Interterm break on Friday, January 29. We strongly recommend limiting travel during this time before Spring Semester classes begin Monday, February 1 at 8:00am.

Travel Reporting Update

After asking students and employees to report travel throughout the fall, we will discontinue reporting requirements for travel. Instead, students and employees should take the following precautions as part of any travel plans:

1. Limit Travel. Travel away from campus raises the possibility of contracting the virus outside of our campus and then bringing the virus back to the campus. As such, we strongly recommend all travel be limited to essential travel.

2. Remember the Safety Protocols. We are all growing weary of practicing the safety protocols. However, like the runner who wants to finish a race well, we all need to strive to do those things that can limit the spread of the virus including socially distancing, mask wearing, and washing of hands. This is especially true during these times of essential travel.

Future Plan Updates

We remain committed to working together to find ways to navigate through this pandemic that can allow the Taylor experience to continue in our campus community.

As we move forward, we will continue to address student, faculty, and staff concerns who together create the educational environment that is highly prized at Taylor.

Please know that future data and information will direct our plan in response to the pandemic, and additional changes may be necessary to safeguard our campus.

You can review the full Taylor Together, Again plan here.