Update: November 10, 2020

It is with great disappointment that we announce that our Silent Night game must be cancelled. 

The rising number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Grant County and Indiana warranted a reconsideration of our previously announced plan for a modified celebration. Due to recent guidance from public health officials, and at the request of the Grant County Public Health Officer, Dr. David Moore, we made this difficult decision. 

Although the Taylor campus has been blessed with a low incidence of Covid-19 cases, we must remain vigilant. College students, who may not even know they have COVID, are deemed by some health authorities to be primary vectors contributing to the current widespread surge in cases. 

Dr. Moore expressed his deep appreciation to the Taylor community for our cooperation with public health guidelines and our willingness to set aside personal preferences for the sake of others.

We prayerfully hope and believe we will be able to resume this beloved Silent Night celebration in 2021.

Faithfully and together, 

Paige Comstock Cunningham
Interim President