Update: September 25, 2020

As we approach the midpoint of the fall semester, I would like to share the revised calendar for Interterm and Spring Semester, 2021. This has been reviewed by the Academic Policy Committee, Faculty Officers, Deans Council, Department Chairs, and Senior Leadership Team. The revisions to the calendar have been designed to comply with the guidelines of the Pandemic Response Team, in conjunction with officials of the State of Indiana. One goal is to dissuade extended travel away from campus, thus you will see that there is not a full Spring Break, but rather short breaks that lead to three-day weekends on 1/29, 3/5, and 4/2. 

  • From the start of the Spring semester (2/1) until the midterm break (3/5): 24 class days
  • From midterm break (3/5) until Good Friday: (4/2) 19 class days
  • From Good Friday (4/2) until the end of classes (5/7): 25 class days
  • Classes begin at 8:00am on 2/1, 3/8, and 4/5.
  • Final Exams will be on campus, May 10-13.
  • Commencement will take place one week earlier, on May 15, 2021.
  • There are plans under consideration for on-campus events during the Easter holiday weekend.

Final exams will take place on campus for both Interterm and Spring Semester. We are working with the Registrar to review the due date for Interterm grades, given the shorter Interterm Break.

Thank you for your prayers as we adapt to this challenging time and serve our campus community. 

Michael D. Hammond, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice President