Update: August 19, 2020

Dear friends, 

In keeping with our Taylor Together, Again protocols, I want to update the campus on the newest COVID-19-related developments. As some of you may have learned, a student on campus has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is now receiving care in a designated isolation area on campus. This student notified us they were not feeling well and exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19, leading us to immediately initiate the protocols laid out in our Taylor Together, Again plan for reopening the campus. We have followed up with those who have been in contact with this student so they can quarantine and be monitored. Respecting this student’s privacy is of utmost importance, and we are asking if you are aware of their identity that you maintain their confidence as an act of care for them.

Additionally, some students reported to us positive tests for COVID-19 prior to their return to campus. In response, they are either quarantined away from campus or receiving on-campus care in an isolated area. In that same manner, if you are aware of the names of these respective students, we ask that you not share them with others as an act of care for them.

In anticipating our reopening, our Senior Leadership Team worked closely with the health commissioners from the State of Indiana and Grant County to create the Taylor Together, Again plan, which makes allowance for diagnoses of instances of the coronavirus on campus as we strive for the safety and well-being of every student, faculty, and staff member. 

While we will not be making individual announcements with each instance of a diagnosis of COVID-19, we will continue regular updates to the campus community as we assess the efficacy and performance of our Taylor Together, Again plan. In the meantime, we continue to ask members of this community to wear masks when around others, practice social distancing, and frequently wash your hands. 

Please join me in prayer for this student as they recover, and for God’s hand of protection on our entire campus community of students and employees.

Faithfully and together,

Paige Comstock Cunningham, PhD, JD
Interim President